Google Chrome browser Google Chrome is one of the fastest and best browsers across the Internet, as it occupies the second position in the world, and it is mainly affiliated with Google and is considered its best product. In this post I will show you the best three additions permanently used in the field of graphic design as a source of research and inspiration.

1. Muzli 2 – Stay Inspired

You can add the strongest in the sites of inspiration and visual nutrition. You can add it and specify the sources and options for appearing. Designers benefit from the latest design news and continuously develop their inspiring ideas. It replaces Chrome’s default page with design events, user experience templates, interactive images and featured videos, Also on the sidebar are news about design sites such as Albhans and Dribbles and many other specialized and varied sites.

2. WhatFont

It works to discover the fonts on any site and its name and many details about these fonts, You can easily see which font you want by clicking on the Font Font icon to see a list of fonts used in a specific location by hovering over a specific part to see the type of that font and more details in the tool.

3. ColorZilla

Through this add-on you can discover any color you want on any site and you can read the color from any point in the browser and display it RGB or Hicks and you can easily paste the colors you want to any program you want and more details in the tool.